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Dynamic Vision Platform

The patented iniVation Dynamic Vision Platform is a unique combination of hardware and software to power the world’s most efficient, high-performance vision systems.
  • Sensor

    The iniVation Dynamic Vision Sensor chip emulates key aspects of the human retina. It transmits only pixel-level changes, at microsecond time resolution.
    It is equivalent to a high-speed camera at thousands of frames per second – but with far less data.
  • Software

    The open-source iniVation DV software enables fast, easy deployment of advanced vision processing algorithms for next-generation embedded and IoT applications.

Dynamic Vision Platform Benefits

  • Longer system-level battery life

  • Reduced data rate

  • High speed, low latency: <1 ms

  • High dynamic range: >120 dB


Extreme Eye Tracking

  • World’s fastest eye tracking enabling the most immersive VR experience.

  • Near-zero eye tracking latency. Maximum immersion.

  • Foveator™ follows your eye movements at lightning speed, with high accuracy.

DVL-5000 High-Speed 3D Laser Profiler

The iniVation DVL-5000 provides ultra-high-speed, low-latency laser scanning for automation and robotics.
At full resolution and high precision.
Make your robots faster and more responsive with the DVL-5000, to get more done in less time.
The DVL-5000 is built on the exclusive iniVation Dynamic Vision Platform, bringing the advantages of high-performance neuromorphic vision to solve real-world problems.

DVL-5000 Highlights

  • High speed – 5 kHz at full resolution

  • Extremely low latency

  • Accurate profiling

  • High dynamic range

Use Cases

The DVL-5000 increases responsivity of robotics in many use cases in production and quality inspection.
  • High-speed scanning

  • Robot guidance

  • Quality control

  • High-speed inspection

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