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RHD Amplifier

RHD Electrophysiology Amplifier Chips


RHD2000 Family
RHD2216 16-channel amplifier chip with bipolar (differential) inputs
RHD2132 32-channel amplifier chip with unipolar inputs and common reference
RHD2164 64-channel amplifier chip with unipolar inputs and common reference

Fully integrated electrophysiology amplifiers with 16-bit ADC and industry-standard serial peripheral interface (SPI)
ADC samples amplifiers up to 30 kSamples/s per channel
Low noise floor: 2.4 μV rms typical
Upper cutoff frequency configurable from 100 Hz to 20 kHz
Lower cutoff frequency configurable from 0.1 Hz to 500 Hz
Integrated multi-frequency in situ electrode impedance measurement capability
Auxiliary ADC inputs for interfacing additional off-chip sensors

Miniaturized multi-channel headstages for neural recording
Massively parallel neural recording for advanced brain activity mapping
Low-power wireless headstages or backpacks for electrophysiology experiments
"Smart Petri dish" in vitro recording systems
Simultaneous recording of action potentials and local field potentials (LFPs) from microelectrodes
Portable multi-channel EKG or EMG monitoring systems
Advanced prosthetic limb controller front-ends

RHD2216 16-channel amplifier chip 

 QFN chip

 Part #D8213

 Bare die

 Part #P8003 

RHD2132 32-channel amplifier chip 

 BGA chip

 Part #D8214

 Bare die

 Part #P8004

RHD2164 64-channel amplifier chip 

 QFN chip

 Part #D8215

 Bare die

 Part #P8005