YDLIDAR OS30A Depth Camera


YDLIDAR OS30A Depth Camera

Product Description
The OS30A 3D camera module uses the binocular structured light 3D imaging technology to obtain depth images and realizes the function of depth information modeling. And it is equipped with a dedicated depth calculation chip and is optimized for robot obstacle avoidance.

The camera is compact in size, easy to integrate, and has a type C standard output interface, providing users with a high degree of flexibility. It can be adapted to complex environments such as total darkness environment, indoor strong light and weak light, backlight and smooth light, and semioutdoor, and has a wide range of uses.
Product Code : YDLIDAR OS30A

Detail View


➢ 1280*920 high resolution image output

➢ Depth map horizontal direction FOV 78 degrees, meet the requirement of robots

➢ Fearless ambient light interference

➢ Deep calculation processors use high-performance dedicated chips

➢ USB2.0 standard output interface

Multi-platform support

➢ Linux

    Support X86 Ubuntu 18.14 or later

    RK3399 Linux

    TX2 Linux

➢ Android

➢ Windows 10